• Excursions

    Nameri National Park

    This park can be reached in just 2 and 1/2 hrs by road from our resort. Nameri National Park covering an area of about 200 sq. kms is located at the foothills of Arunachal Pradesh (eastern Himalayas). The nearest town is Tezpur which is about 40 kms away. Nameri was set up as a sanctuary in 1985 with an area of 137 sq. kms. In 1998 it was officially established as a National Park. The park, with its hills of deciduous forests and the Jia Bhoroli river flowing through it, is a birder's paradise, home to more than 300 species of birds, four species of Hornbills, an abundance of Mainas, Bee Eaters, Barbets, Babblers, Bulbuls, Plovers, Ibis, Bills etc. In recent years, Nameri has sheltered the rare and endangered White Winged Wood Duck. Over 50 of the total world population of 700 of this species can be found at Nameri National Park.

  • Rafting on Jia Bhoroli river (Nameri National Park)

    These enjoyable rafting trips are meant for the entire family. IORA organizes excursions to Nameri National Park as well as float trips with picnic lunches and accommodation at Prashaanti Cottages, Bhalukpong.


    The Negheriting Shiva Doul is a Shiva temple at Dergaon (about one hour drive from our resort). The place where the temple is located was once the habitat of a peculiar bird locally known as Negheri and the place has come to be known as Negheriting. The temple was first constructed by the Kacharis during 8th-9th century AD. In 1687 it was re-constructed by Ahom king Swargadeo Rajeswar Singha. The main temple is surrounded by four other temples namely the Bishnu, Ganesh, Surjya and Durga temple. The temple is the house of rhesus monkeys or macaque.


    This sanctuary is the only sanctuary in India to be named after a non-human primate, Hollock Gibbon(Hylobates hoolock). Holock Gibbon, the only ape found in the Indian sub continent, requires prime evergreen forests for survival. The Park is located 22 kms from Jorhat town (115 kms from IORA , Kaziranga). Total area of the Wildlife Sanctuary is 20.98 Hectares.


    Majuli is the largest river island and the seat of Vaishnavite culture in Assam. Majuli is accessible by ferry from Nimatighat (which is 18 kms from Jorhat town) and 95kms about 2 and 1/2 hrs drive from our resort.


    IORA organises golf trips to 9 hole golf course at the heritage Gymkhana club established in 1876 and at Kaziranga Golf Resort, Jorhat (18 hole). Both the Golf courses are 1 and 1/2 hrs drive from our resort.